Day Camp Info

Dogs must be dropped off between 8am and 10am and picked up between 4pm and 6pm.

Pickup and delivery of camp dogs may be arranged for an additional fee of $15/trip.
Dogs not picked up by 5.15pm will incur a $50 fee per occurrence.

Requirements: Dogs must have proof of vaccination or titers and be on some flea and tick preventatives. Dogs must wear a current rabies tag to participate in some of the field-trips.

: $75/dog for Agility camps held at ARRC; $65/dog for all other camps

Camp spots are very limited. Pre approved drop in spots will be allowed as long as space is available.

Visit our Canine Enrichment tab to sign your pup up today. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a copy of our Camp Registration Form for completion. 

Agility Camp

This edition of K9 Camp is geared towards dogs training/competing in agility.
While your dog spends the day with us, our trainer(s) will work with him/her on the agility skills designated by you.
Primary focus will be on skill training, including impulse control/startline stays and powerful releases, contact and table work (drive and criteria), weaves, jumping, working/staying connected in the presence of distractions.
If your dog needs improvement with his/her obstacle performance, lacks drive, confidence and/or impulse control or has a hard time staying focused, this camp is for you.

Fitness Camp

This day camp is designated to canine Fitness & Conditioning. Whether you are interested in strengthening your dog’s core muscles, work on balance and coordination, build his/her confidence or simply want to tire him/her out, this camp is for you. If desired, we can also work on agility and foundation skills.

K9 Adventure Camp

Do you feel sorry leaving your dog home alone all day and would like to find something fun for him to do?
Would you like your dog to be tired and relaxed after a long day when you come home from work?
Does your dog need exposure to other dogs, people, activities, and/or places?
Does your dog need to practice obedience skills & canine communication under the supervision of experienced trainers?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Achieve Agility’s K9 Adventure Camp program is for you.

K9 Adventure Camp is a day full of activities for your dog that will provide lots of social, mental and physical stimulation – and, of course, lots of training challenges! This is a wonderful opportunity for any dog to socialize and be exposed to different activities and environments, but especially for puppies and young dogs that are getting to know the world around them. It provides a great balance of structured training sessions, exposure, play and relaxation.

Activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • free social and greeting times
  • one-on-one and group training sessions
  • exposure to different places
  • basic obedience & manners
  • activities in the form of dog sports, swimming, field-trips

Our K9 Adventure Program is NOT a free play all day experience. Our Explorers (Dogs) get some limited and closely supervised play time to match their needs, but are closely monitored and learning throughout the day in many different situations. Our priorities are training and socialization, and of course, sending our Explorers home good and tired!