“It has been almost a year since I wrote about my experience with Achieve Agility…..since then Shammy has blossomed…she now competes at the excellent level in agility thanks to some outstanding training —knowledge and patience do get results!!! More importantly, Achieve Agility has provided Shammy and I with the opportunity to further develop our team through a recent series of classes that we have just completed—Obedience for Performance Dogs. I highly recommend this class as it has helped us work through Shammy ‘s reaction to motion by using self control. Similar to Annette, Sheyla has a great deal of patience and she helps you individualize goals for your specific dog. I have made the handouts distributed for each class into a booklet which I refer to often to strengthen her skills. Today, Shammy is a happy little spinner with more self control- we still have a great deal to learn and we enjoy the opportunity to continue to grow at Achieve Agility!!!”
Jan- Shammy’s mom
“Annette and Sheyla teach a variety of unique classes, each one geared toward different ways to engage your dog where they do not even realize they are in training! I was always very impressed watching Annette at agility trials and I was thrilled when she came to Broward! I started with her in the K9 Aquatics with my Rottweiler who needs to build muscle in her rear legs. Wow! This is an awesome class. My dog was afraid to enter the pool but with so much patience and kindness, Annette was able to guide her in and got her swimming. Sheyla teaches the most excellent Control Unleashed course using real life situations and tons of encouragement. Both of my dogs are benefitting greatly by the classes offered due to the patience and support of Annette and Sheyla. We are having fun while bonding with our dogs. Keep those classes coming guys, if you build it I will come!”
Terri Cannici
“It is difficult to put words to it, but the essence of what I have learned from Annette is: It’s not so much what you train, but how you train; if you learn your dog, they will teach you the how?. She is a mentor in learning your dog. And Molly is sooo glad she is!”
Peggy Leach
“Working with Annette and Sheyla has been a wonderful experience. Annette just seems to know what each individual dog needs. She has a great way of making it positive, simple to understand, and I don’t think I have ever had a class that I didn’t laugh and have a lot of fun but also learned something new! I can’t say enough great things about her. Sheyla is also fabulous in that she also knows what each individual dog needs. Her tricks and retrieve class were awesome.”
Tracie Lampton
“My dog Johnny, Rat Terrier, and I have been taking classes for agility with Annette, she has a special way of training each dog as an individual. Teaching us to work on weakness and on strengths. As said before, and so true, you can tell a good trainer by looking at their own dogs. She has the most incredible dogs and has accomplished so much with them and truly loves them. I am so happy to be training with her and feel she has helped us in so many ways. Shelya is also so friendly and knowledgeable we really enjoyed her classes. Achieve Agility is an awesome place with awesome trainers for you and your dog.”
“Hey Annette, I am reading this book and found a quote I felt described something you possess. “Every truly great teacher has this gift. To challenge without intimidating, encourage, praise and revise lessons to resonate with the individual student and generate a passion for learning and growth.” From: “All that I need, or live like a dog with its head stuck out the car window” by Teresa Fritschi”
“To judge a trainer’s competence, take a look at their dogs’ attitude, abilities and accomplishments. Take a look at Annette’s dogs and their incredible resumes and you know you’re in great hands.”
“Ok all three girls have attended Annette’s new K9 Aquatics class and I can’t say enough GREAT things about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so important that our K9 athletes cross-train just like us. Great exercise without all the wear and tear on the body. Dylan loved it and was so good on the boogie board. Can’t wait for MORE!! Thanks Again Annette!!!! See you tomorrow for Mesa’s turn!!”
Kerry Stevens
“Eight months ago–I first met Annette- I had heard that she was an accomplished handler and an excellent instructor. However, I was nervous at my first class to bring an 18 month old spinning sheltie to someone who trains so many border collies– I had a happy little jumper. Not only did she make us feel comfortable- but we wanted to learn how to jump correctly and redirect the spinning with someone who works with each team to reach their potential. She has inspired us, she always laughs with us– but she feels strongly about training safely and consistently even at the novice level. We were fortunate enough to be on her DACOF team where the goal was to have fun and trial like you train —it was a wonderful experience under her caring leadership and we can’t wait to do it again!! I highly recommend Annette to anyone who wants to train agility in a positive way with their dog since she always makes you feel glad that you came to class!!!”
Jan Smoller (mom of Shammy, DSA CGC NJWW)
“I feel so fortunate to be able to train with Annette and to have met so many more great dog sport enthusiasts! She is so inspiring to all of us!”
Alison Wilde